01 December 2009

Solution of Computer Speed

why is my computer running so slow? There are a number of potential reasons for this - and here are 2 of the best solutions.

SOLUTION #1) Fix the Registry

You're probably sick of hearing it-and I'm sick of saying it--but all but about 10% of PC problems can be attributed to a bad Registry. Therefore it makes sense to tackle this problem first.

Registries always start out fine. But over time simply get too big and bulky because of all the files that get put on your system.

Your registry is responsible for telling the operating system how to use every file. Therefore if there are so many files it can't even find the one it's looking for, problems are sure to arise.

But just getting rid of your unnecessary programs and files is NOT ENOUGH--it might actually make things worse.

The only solution if your Registry is at fault is to get a good registry cleaner or hire a specialist... I would suggest the former. It's far less expensive and most times just as effective.

I would STRONGLY recommend you not try to clean it yourself unless you are highly trained. If you get something wrong your whole computer might simply crash.

#2) You have too many "auto-load" programs

Let's face it-most of us have WAY too much junk on our system. If you find that your computer takes a long time to start, this very well is a by-product of simply having too many software programs installed.

No software will tell you this before downloading it, but many of them are designed to open up every time your computer does.

You might download something thinking you can use it when you want... but it's actually opening along with your system EVERY SINGLE TIME. This is eating precious space the computer needs to run properly.

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