03 December 2009

Save Your Computer From Virus

There are many ways to save your computer from viruses and spyware. A little knowledge of software application and download and some keenness to dangers will nevertheless block impermissible visitors.

Follow these tips and you will surely get the security you deserve.

1.        Block unwanted files from the system. There is no doubt that a turned off firewall is a risky endeavor.

2.        Install antivirus programs that will remove quarantine or heal, and even delete a bad file or application. The e-mail is the most accessed entry to intruders. Antivirus programs will check the attachments before it gets downloaded by the recipient. These programs may not at all be risky since they can block viruses and other threats from entering your computer.

3.        Be careful when using passwords. Passwords are usually rated as weak, normal or strong. Obviously, the strong passwords are highly recommended. These will not be easily guessed by intruders. Moreover, passwords should be distinct from one file to another. Why is this so? Security principles will tell you that having different passwords for every file is very beneficial. Uniform passwords will allow access to all of your files. Prevent graver damage to your computer by using passwords that are distinct.

4.            You do not hold the world in your hands. You can never know what accident could happen to your computer system. Since there is no absolute security for anything, the creation of backups will secure your data further. These back ups are basically duplicates and can be used as a second copy for ruined files. If something unpleasant happens, you have something else for refuge, your back up data.

5.           Install firewall that acts as a guard against unwanted visitors. Firewalls have the ability to inhibit unlikely visitors. It will let you know which file is virus infected and what further actions should be taken.

Intruders want to enter your computer and be able to take the most advantage over your data and information. Learning how to protect your computer will always be rewarding.

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