23 November 2009

Mobile call recorder

Is someone calling you on your mobile phone and breathing heavily? Do the police not believe you when you call to complain? That problem can be avoided with CallRecorder_v103_SMPDA software. It’s not the PVR you are used to, though – this one stands for Personal Voice Recorder. It’s an application that allows you to record the conversations made on your phone in real time. It has two mode options – either automatic or manual. In the auto record mode the recorder is activated when you press Dial or Send and record everything until you press End. You can also use the recorder on a case by case basis, recording just the next call that the phone answers. 
You will have to be careful of course, because recording calls can be illegal in many cases depending upon where you are. Once you check that out, though, this application is certainly affordable. It is Free here and it works on Windows Mobile, Symbian OS and Palm OS systems.


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