07 November 2009

How to place a blog counter?

What is a blog counter?

Well it's a popular software tool that enables bloggers have statistical information about the people who visit their blogs. That's what we do, we don't track server requests like the applications provided by web hosting companies, we track browsers which ensures we are tracking real human beings instead of machines or search engines bots.

Using a blog counter doesn't require advanced technical knowledge. You just need to have access to the code of your blog to insert a small script, and then upload the updated pages to your server. This is normally daily task to most webmasters and bloggers, even beginners.

Here you can visit some website links below.You can also find a lot of webs which will provide you a free counter for your blog or web.




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  1. Allah aap ko jaza ata farmae aap ny mere leye bari aasani pida kar di oy wese me computer k bare me buhat kam janta ho